I am a product of the Newark Board of Education and a proud parent of a future graduate of the Newark Board of Education. While my daughter, a freshman, was valedictorian of her class in 2021, the focus of my educational experience was different. I struggled with a learning impairment while experiencing mental health challenges. These issues remained undiagnosed until I enrolled in college at age 47. I don’t want my story to be the story of any of our children.

I am qualified to bring a professional perspective to the board through my calling as a social worker. My years of experience and training in building and restoring our families and neighborhoods prove invaluable. I am a champion for youth with a proven track record of helping individuals reach their highest potential. As Founder of Girls; Live, Love, Laugh, Inc., I’ve helped empower over 1,200 young women in the city of Newark. I’m asking for your support in April 2023 because I believe in the future of our young people. Can I count on your support?


Student Learning Supports

All children deserve an inclusive, equal education. The Newark Board of Education must improve its tools for assessing our children’s learning abilities and wellness, and then allocate all the resources students need, particularly for students with learning disabilities and English language learners. I don’t want the same expectations as prior to the pandemic–I want better!

Culturally Competent Teachers

We not only have a teacher shortage, we have a lack of educators who are prepared to teach the children in front of them. Add to this that the pandemic has complicated the way students are educated. Culturally competent educators know the history of our children to better serve them and are provided ongoing professional development from the district.

Trust Building

We must stop being afraid to have difficult conversations with parents, children, and members of our community. Including more voices in decision-making is key to boosting morale and creating healthy learning environments for students and teachers.

Social and Mental Health

Our children come to school for many reasons–comfort, love, hope, nutrition, learning, and more. For too many of them, school is the only place they may find these things. As their home away from home, schools must be equipped with the staff and resources needed for taking care of the overall well-being of our children. This includes creating strong partnerships with community-based organizations.


Young people learn by modeling. We have daughters who are not being mothered and sons who are not being fathered. Beyond academics, our children need to be connected with caring adults who can teach them the soft skills that create effective leaders.

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